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Understanding the lives of the Ancient Romans can, at times, be familiar or quite alien! It is how they built their cities with many objects and their continuous use of these objects that are still important to our experiences within the world today. The ambiguities that existed within Roman society do not come with easy answers for us, adults or children, but the journey to discovering the rich history of Roman culture is in the finer details!

Our site brings together a collaborative network of archaeologists, historians and art specialists, creating materials for all ages and interests. Through our network of specialists, we show the techniques that are used by archaeologists and historians to understand daily life during the Roman Empire.

We warmly encourage you to explore the ancient world with us through games, stories and images, all of which allow educators, parents and those passionate about ancient history find ways to engage young learners in the rich material gathered from the ancient world.

There will actively be new pages full of teachable content and activities added to our website with new materials updated, all of which is free to download and can be used as teaching resources. Explore the Roman world with us through these exciting new ways for communicating ancient history.